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Jan 15 13 2:41 PM

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I promised an explanation of the reason for this sudden move and finally
have time after holiday craziness and other real life stuff to sit down
and do it.  I am writing this, not in an attempt to spite anyone, but
as usual, to make sure no one is capable of making up their own
stories.  Though it may get a bit stingy here and there, I'm just tired
of pulling punches all the time,  This has gotten ridiculous.
Over 7 months ago, I made a journal post here
in a reaction to defend one of our customers from harassment that was
being encouraged by another artist named demicoeur, who was claiming
character theft.  Every detail and log is shown in that link.
But what people do not know, is what happened after that.  Sciggles, whose
help I am very grateful of, resolved the issue and had demi take down
her repeatedly edited, harassment encouraging journal:
After which, she politely messaged me, asking me if I would be willing to do
the same for the sake of keeping the peace.  I was glad to comply,
removing the customer defense journal from FA and believing that was the
end of it.  You would believe it too right?  ...Not really.
A little over one month later, I was contacted by an admin named Qoph with the following note:

My response was to contact Sciggles and find out what the deal is, I
assumed the admin simply ran across a redundant report.  The issue was,
how the admin (Qpoh) acted.  This is Sciggles response when I contacted
to ask her about this:

And this is the response I received from Qoh afterward:

Strange response to simply say that in dry semi street-sign speak, but ok,
doesn't matter to me. It's done with and it was a simple
misunderstanding, right?  ...Not really.
A little over a month later, Qoph tries to sneak "something under the radar", by sending
another note that goes back on what he previously said, undemines the
previous status of "case closed", completely skips the part of the FA
AUP where users are guaranteed a "hearing", and makes a somewhat
questionable claim about "hundreds of bluejays" :)

My feelings on that "hundreds" part was well illustrated in an excerpt from one of Sciggles email responses to me:


Too lazy to type out any of those links?  Thats ok here is just one example
from that short list, which I think is hot by the way ;)  

Courtesy of an artist named Hanazawa, look at her stuff folks, its good.
This image also happens to be posted 4 years ago according to FA, while this demi
persons image states it was posted one year ago.  Yet for some strange
reason,  Hanazawa seems to get a bit defensive about character theft in
her description, as if she has been hassled about it before.  I don't
know, maybe there is another bluejay girl out there who hassles anyone
who makes bluejay fur patterns on their character?  Perhaps that
Orange04 person I heard about.  Who knows. :)
The following is a log of my conversation with Sciggles on this segment of the issue, where
she outlined a couple of good ways of putting light on this sillyness. 

I'd like to ad that I think sciggles has been my strongest supporter in all
of this, and to her, I am grateful, as well as Dragoneer:

Anyway, back to the main topic, absolutely NONE of this should be even delved
into in the first place.  The bottom line point is that the issue was
resolved, case closed.  Yet Qoph seems to be trying to re-open the case
yet again.  Sciggles response to it was a big wtf, and this time
Dragoneer stepped in.
At which point they both informed me the case was closed (yet again).
All done at that point right?  ...Not really.

This part may seem unrelated at first, but that may change as you read on: 
Over a month later (is this guy like clockwork or what?) I get another
note from Qoph about another one of my submissions.  The guilmon I
made.  Nothing from the AUP had anything to do with this particular
event, it turned out later to be a simple case of one partoicular user
who kept reporting the submission, either mistaken about it thinking it
was a recolor and unaware I made it myself, or the typical internet nerd
who needs someone to use for a punching bag.  I'm sure you all get the
idea without the need of overcomplicated delving.

To be clear, According to the FA AUP, if I make an avatar from scratch and take a
photo of it, but the avatar happens to be wearing an earring purchased
from some store, I do not have to cite reference to that store, or name
the creator of the earring.  Let me repeat again something I've always
said, this new era of kids clawing at each other for "credit" is silly
and gotten way out of hand.
But NONE of that is the focus, and seems
off topic from the bluejay issue, but what IS related to the main topic
here, is again, how Qoph seems to act.  Upon receiving that submission
notice, I spoke with Dragoneer and Sciggles, explaining that I would
respond to Qoph with a simple explanation that would solve the issue,
however, due to prior events with him over the past couple months, I
strongly feel that he is not interested in sense and logic, he is merely
looking for reasons to harass me.  So far he has already acted a little
less than impartial.  But here is where it illustrates further: 
Dragoneer said he would speak to Qoph, and I was then given confirmation
not to take any action because the guilmon submission was fine.
What was Qoph's response?  Complete silence.  But then about 3 weeks later
(Three...  Weeks... Later... Think about that), he sends another note to
me, pretending he never spoke with Dragoneer:

To which I responded with this:

And what was Qoph's response to that message I sent him?  ...Complete silence.
I'm ok with that, it seems this is all finally past and done.  These silly little dances are over with
and we can finally get back to our work at peach fuzz.  Right?   ...Not really.
Almost FOUR months later (changing it up woo!)  I get contacted by another
admin.  This time someone named Bazeel.  Going back to attempt
re-opening the original case of the bluejay avatar (yet

The following is the entire log of my contact with this person.  Where you
will find my actual "official" defense on this issue, when I myself
believe that it should not even be necessary, since this case should not
have been revisited at all AGAIN, in the first place :)

I am not getting far with this person when it comes to sense and logic. 
He seemed to ignore questions and statements.  I get the feeling he
made the decision on this little "campaign" before sending me that first
message.  Sounds very assuming of me right?  I don't think so,
especially after all that has occurred so far, but there is more that
may help put light on that concept of mine.  Here is a log of my
conversation with Dragoneer on this issue, that went on at the same time
of my note conversation with Bazeel.

Do try, (if you can), to figure out one question:  How exactly was this issue "incorrectly handled"?
Because any moment I was waiting to hear the words "It just was, ok?"...

At the very end of this, I am leaving FA because, as I stated more than
once, the AUP does not function.  Admins make it up as they go and only
use it as sort of a loose guideline.  dependent on the usual
not-so-impartial reasonings.  This is NOT news to me.  I have always
known this.  Doesn't everyone?
I simply did not care, because it only effected others and not myself. 
It sometimes even mildly worked in my favor.  For this I am definitely wrong.  Kind of like some of those
girls I used to date who I knew were total "snobby popular bitches" to
others, but were nice to me so I didn't care.
This journal is not meant to get people to leave FA like "grr FA sucks you should all leave
it and follow me to some other website!".  No, but I am not going to
allow these twerps to pull a little somethin somethin on me like this,
and then just quietly, passively, move along...

I had to blow up their spot and let people know exactly what goes on
behind the curtain with how-when-where-why-what.  I'm normally totally
silent and don't make use of any of my folders upon folders of peoples
stupidness, I keep to myself and my projects and even on this issue that
is directly about me I stayed dark for 8 months, but I feel that
leaving FA is big enough to merit me actually speaking up. 
I didn't, of course, blow up peoples spot as brutally as I could have, just enough to get the necessary info across.
I told one of the artists who gave me feedback on this that I would copy paste it here:
"All I needed to do was remember the av which I looked at extensively because I really admired it a lot
and then go look at their gallery to see their character.
 And it was really plain to me that you didnt reference it, it was just a blue jay.
 And I read the logs up to the point where she said she would let the community decide with a journal
and I thought it was the most immature thing ever
 And the fact that she would pressure admins for seven months to agree with
her is pathetic, something a sniveling child would do to it's parents to
get a toy.
And the fact that the admins actually YIELDED to it speaks for itself.
That's what I think"
What am I doing now?  I have moved to Weasyl.  And I am finally going to get
around to uploading everything I have to that gallery, including all
the old stuff, as well as new stuff.  I will also now finally begin
uploading the "first season" of the peach fuzz X-rated films that were
displayed during all of last year at the Xanadu events, As well as the
first of "season 2".  On top of this I have been storyboarding the new
video I promised, and should begin filming it within a week or two.  So
the current projects right in my face are a mesh commission, and this
new video.  I will also be posting some good news about the main film on
there soon.  Why did I choose Weasyl anyway?  I examined their AUP or
TOS or whatever it may be called in this particular case, they actually
break it down into multiple pages.  The interpretation of copyright part
talks itself into legal circles and needs revising, but they try, which
is important to me.  And they include one page all to itself that
outlines how they handle misconduct of admins themselves. 
Thats a big step in solving a problem that FA suffers an epidemic from. 
The owner is also a creative person, which to me says something positive. 
I am not really interested in all the more modern features it has that FA
doesn't.  I am an old fogey who just needs simple things.  Don't believe me?
Ask anyone who might know, what kind of cell phone I use. 
The same damn phone I got back in 1999.  (change is the devil!)
I LIKE the way FA works as far as interface, but the way it is handled by admins is
finally enough to make me leave, (hey maybe they want that! everyone
wins, even the bluejay!  Well, until my video about HER comes out that
is :D, I'm not pulling punches there, little bratty noob girls
like mochi and demicour get a huge dragon cock mushroom print on the
But the bottom line from that last paragraph is, from
now on peach fuzz content can only be found at my Weasyl account.  Which
I will soon begin making awesome!
Let me end this huge post with a repeat of an important quote that I have used more than once during these events:
"At the very end, enough changes have been made that there is no ground to
stand on here. If there were, then how much farther will it go?
As far as we let it. Until one day someone with a brown hippo, yells at
someone with a green cat, saying 'you have my hairstyle! I deserve
credit!'. The line has to be drawn somewhere, and I feel this is a good
spot to do it."
Furaffinity definitely had a chance to finally draw a strong clear line that would help define the future of this silly
"credit war" that is getting out of hand with many of the new kids.  But
they blew it :)

Thanks for reading this.  I hope you continue to enjoy the stuff peach fuzz creates in the future.
From now on, you will find all peach fuzz content here:

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#2 [url]

Jan 16 13 5:41 PM

It is my thinking that if FA was not as long in tooth as it is, most people would have up and left ages ago because of he sheet stupidity of the admins there. They stay because of exposure, not because they like it. Least that seems to the the hidden underlying reason from my observations.

Good on you for not making this some giant drama war and handling things professionally. I was wondering what was going on.

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#3 [url]

Apr 3 13 11:36 PM

It's been a whiles since I've read this much texts, but I must say that you've handle this case quite well, but been pushed and bully  like this for over 7 months for an avatar claim is outrageous. The  FA staffs should of just ban her for, "bullying and harassment over copyright claim" after multiples case we're files simple.

that's being said, keep up the good work you have my full support on any future project peach fuzz have in mind.

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