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Mar 26 10 8:49 PM

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So. This seems like a better place than any to get your delicious info straight from the horse's mouth. With the introduction of a forum, rightfully as an information resource, this should be your one stop shop for getting your news rumor free. Which is good. Cause I really hate clearing up rumors.

I'll lurk around here in order to clear up questions, and I'll try (TRY) to answer in a timely manner.

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Mar 31 10 4:00 PM

And, if Opi cannot get you the information that you seek I will be more then willing to offer up some response that I read off of a script. As an added bonus I will do it in a dull, indifferent monotone. Just like any good secretary should do.

Warning, Management reserves the right to set your stupid ass on fire.

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Apr 20 10 12:49 AM

Admittedly we don't have the best organization. Lately, my own resources have been spread pretty thin. Though I've found that my creative peak is around 1 am- So late nights have been helping with production.

We've also been managing our time better- Each day me and Ganador stick to and accomplish a set of goals before 6 pm. we try to meet a certain number of them each week. If not, homework.

As well, personal projects are -great- for creativity. Personally, I've been cranking stuff out like nothing. it needs polish, yeah, but the more I do the more I learn.

The same goes for Gan, who'se been surprising me with his ingenuity as of late. Really good vibes have been goin around.

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Nov 5 11 6:47 PM

This has probably been asked before, but just in case: When the videos are available (I know they're still being worked on) where will the be available? Will they be something non-SL users will be able to download? And does this apply to the amateur night thing you've got coming up as well?

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing finished products, I'm quite fond of the videos you have put out already.

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Feb 29 16 5:05 PM

In the trailers for Peach Fuzz on Weasyl, I can't find out the songs. Could you please tell me the songs? I'd really appreciate it.

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