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Apr 15 10 4:36 PM

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I made an av like this when I was starting on SL. It's been a while.. and I've tried a few times to redo her, with varying results.. and varying failures.

To date, this is the best rendition. Still, some ofthe body is.. lacking. I've got references of the character here and there- A lot of things people might consider 'ugly' or 'obtuse' are actually part of the character.. like her wide nostrils, curved, fat nose.. faint sag to her plumpness. And of course, her proportions.

looking to improve this one. Thoughts?

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Apr 15 10 7:32 PM

I think smaller feet, shorter legs, and wider shoulders would make her look good. You could try bringing her rump UP a little- it's a bit TOO saggy.
You could take the main foot area and shrink it- leaving the toes same-sized to give a more.. yoshi ish plump foot effect, rather than long feet like you have now.

She'd not really wide enough.. shoulders should help in that, and try adding some sculpted love handles and muffin top effect on her. I'm sure more "realistic" fat proportions would fit that bit of sag look you want.

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#2 [url]

Apr 15 10 7:39 PM

Hmm... Not a bad idea. custom pudge for the clothes wouldwork, maybe. I'll try what you say for the feet and shoulders.

Legs can't get any shorter without an overrider, I'm afraid ._.

I could lower her tummy, maybe.

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#3 [url]

Apr 15 10 7:56 PM

lowering tummy might work. If legs are already as short as they can be, maybe make her torso a bit shorter too- are her hips really long? Shorten them a little if you don't want the torso any shorter. Might sacrifice some height, but proportions might fit better.

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#4 [url]

Apr 15 10 9:54 PM

If i shrink her hips, her legs would get longer. Same with torso. Only way to really go about it would be to either lower her height (which keeps the poportions), thicken the legs, or use a deformer.

Deformer doesn't seem necessary..

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#5 [url]

Apr 16 10 11:18 AM

I personally think that her arms look really awkward, since they are so thin compared to everything else really.
I also think she looks really good with the hat. Aside from the arms, I think she looks really nice, and I love the pumpness <3<3    


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#6 [url]

Jul 14 10 11:01 AM

you know, you're right.. When I drew her, I'd give her plumper arms. I don't know why I veered away from that this time around!

Gonna try and really blend the shapes together, next time i update this av...when I have time >:C

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