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Apr 19 10 2:05 PM

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Announcing the future Avatar line -Puff Dragons- From DB studios.

This is the first collab ive done in a while with the help of a few new staff members on the team.

Look forward to it in the coming weeks

Click here to view the attachment
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Apr 19 10 2:53 PM

this is uh. pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

Some additional detail on the head would be fantastic. The skin has great shading, but the face and hair lacks, in stark contrast, that same level of detail. I'd suggest hollowing the ears more- perhaps sculpt some ridges into it, and thicken the lobe around the hollowed rim.

Tail is good- but you're gonna need to re-sculpt it to get rid of that crease mark running from the tip down.

Hands are great! Pudge fingers, lovely things. Maybe more thickness in the palm+thumb area... muscle.. thing, and maybe longer fingers for implied dexterity.

So far, I love this. and it's PAAAANK! <3<3

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#2 [url]

Apr 19 10 5:35 PM

Oh wow, I really like the face. It's a good mix of cute and playful :3

I think the tail tip could maybe be smoother though. I wish the legs were a little more fluid, it's really obvious and a bit strange how the knees line up. Then again, that might be something that can't be helped too much because of how Second life works.

Otherwise I really like it and can't wait to see more/what you do with it!


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