May 12 10 5:36 AM

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Hey guys, i know im taking a bold step posting tutorials now, so im gonna have to be blunt and forward with how you address them.

First and formost, Mistakes happen. we all do them, i do them.

That being said, if you see a mistake in the tutorial, or something thats been incorectly explained. dont spurt it out in the thread, that makes me look bad, and you look like a jackass, PM me about it.

I really dont mind fixing things, but i do mind being made a fool of just because you wanted to point out a mistake.  easily put, keep it classy, keep it professional. dont be a douche.

Anyone found to be breaking this rule will have their comments removed and referd to the universal rules and actions policy of this forum.

Thank you for your time.


One Time, at Rabbit Camp, I Stuck a Carrot up my Gas Pipe.