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Jun 14 10 10:05 PM

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I'm curious.. what to people seek when it comes to avatars? Species, things they do, and moddability.

I don't often enough pay attention to what's in, and what's not. There's thousands of things with avs now, but what do the buyers desire most?

Discuss what you think is high in demand. I always think it's just generic avs, or do specialty species based avatars sell?

Also, making a thread since this forum is growing stale >:V

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Jun 17 10 12:11 AM

When I buy avatars, I'm usually looking for loads of personality in them, along with enough color options to capture my interest. The two of those in one avatar is near impossible to find. The ones with color options are stale faced and boring, while the ones that actually have some type of fun interesting design sadly have only 3 colors, or many colors but nothing interesting. Modability would depend on the modder, but it's not on my main list, since modding is usually a spontaneous action on my part. I don't keep eyes out for species. It has to be the av itself that entices me. I heard opius talking about a fox with a leaf on it's head one day. I imagined a slant-slit eyed adorable fox, an av with personality, as compared to those classic aventities and ax foxes that... are foxes, and that's it, and they all look the same. On the modding hand, modding is great, I like to make my avs even more personal, but most people like to have options and not have to mod it themselves.

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Jun 18 10 2:37 PM

We have more than just a different fox in mind.
I've noticed that avs sell more with the more "do-dads" that come with them. Like colors, expression changing, and the sort. It would be nice if you could mod skins to script like eye changing on a HUD. But... I'm not sure if we're able to do that. Would be nice- mix and match a hue of skins. But, alas, what I think works so far is blank white skin file to give out with an avatar.

Something different seems to sell better too. Cute, eye catching.
Make a new "species" or sell something that hasn't been made into an av before and I've noticed a lot of people buy it, just to make something with it- be it a new alter ego of their alter ego, or to freshen up their looks.

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Jun 19 10 10:02 AM

I remember this collab I paid opius to do. I kind of ignored it though, after a while we both forgot it. Once I revisited the project, both our skills went passed what had already been made, so it was left in the dust on my end. But I was planning on so many skins for each color, it was crazy!!!! The blank skin file DOES make the modding easier, but what is often forgotten, is not everyone has even the slightest hand in any art programs, whether inable, or too lazy. Also, I HAVE noticed that there are some folks who obsess over many options in HUD's. I've been just as happy in notecard land, but it's what people want more of I suppose!~

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Jun 20 10 7:15 AM

You wanna know what i want?


oh? no one in secondlife makes any perspective?

well then.  how about you all supply the avatars, and i'll supply the..... Perspective.

ratattouile (spelling) jokes aside

you wanna know what i really want in avatars?


every furry avatar is the fucking same. everything has overdetailed textures, complicated primming, and useless scripting functions.

i want more people to consider being original in what they do. and not do what everyone and their mother has done over and over since 2004-2005 where NWS and luskwood nearly dominated the market.  Back then everything was diverrse, nothing looked the same.  You could look at a mod and say "hey he used an avatar from luskwood" without much thought.

THese days shits such commonsight that even builders have slight trouble distinguishing differences.

so in short, melangelic is absolutely right. creations need personality behind them, Else they are all the same, no matter the species.

untill i start seeing more dynamic avatars with a little perspective, i will remain in my hidden (not really) workshop.

One Time, at Rabbit Camp, I Stuck a Carrot up my Gas Pipe.

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Jun 20 10 1:32 PM

Even then, the blank skins we handed out were full mod. If you couldn't do it, I'm sure a friend could!
I really love the idea of just being super-mod friendly. You can buy a koopa, and not just buy it to be a koopa- you could buy it for parts. The skin, the sculpted limbs...

And quality of an avatar seems to sell best. Even if you've been around for years, you still get out-witted with some of the new styles that pop up. It's kinda fun to watch who comes up with what next xD

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Jun 20 10 1:38 PM

I know I saw a fox avatar that was being advertised as released soon up at Northstar- not too far from Opius' and your vendors. I saw the picture, and I nearly melted with the amount of personality in the head alone. It looked like a fox, and had that "I'm mischievous" fox look to it. Big eyes for more expression, and gosh did the textures look pretty nice already.
There are only a handful of avatars in the world, out side of what we make, that do that to me. Make me smile and say "they did an awesome job."

Majority that's out there is so... over done and... lacks so much to it, it saddens me. I'll see an avatar from DERP and be like "you know, that's not half bad, but Sukebe could have done SO MUCH MORE with that!" The same with AX, and EXL. They're good, but... they could be so much better!

Of course, an avatar with room to edit to make better could be good for the buyer as well- especially if they love modding. Custom, modded avs have to be my favorite thing on SL. Some of them are pretty damn awful, but then you see the ones that look like an entirely new avatar that someone was selling- until you find out that all of the parts are from different avatars.

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