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Jun 20 10 2:26 PM

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This Tails avatar is in the works. I got some finishing tweeks I need to do before I'm finished. Goggles, and perhaps a belt...
So far there's four alternative colors - purple, green, blue, and red.
The tails spin when you fly, which is cool (thanks Izome!!!)

I figure people would see it as a more anthro/adult looking fox avatar. This will be my first non-speed avatar to sell. The Zoroark was a quick, two day project I did on inspiration.

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Jun 20 10 6:56 PM

you need shaders for those skins, they will help immensly to give defenition to the shadow and highlight detail.

One Time, at Rabbit Camp, I Stuck a Carrot up my Gas Pipe.

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Jun 20 10 7:17 PM

you need shaders for those skins, they will help immensly to give defenition to the shadow and highlight detail.


I was debating, but yeah. Even with your skins, the basic shading make things really pop.

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Jun 22 10 1:51 PM

I agree, some shading on the skin would help a ton. The face is really cute though, I love the eyes and teeth. The shape of the head is quite nice too.


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Jun 23 10 9:58 PM

Tails will bring all the sonicfags to the yard.
He's so cute! For some reason the size of the feet and hands versus the wrists and the ankles bothers me but it looks fine with the boots and gloves on. I will jump on the bandwagon o skin.
It'll look better female as an av I think.

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Jun 24 10 10:27 AM

Now that you mention it, the gloves/shoes do look okay, but it does look a bit off without the gloves/shoes. The gloves and socks kind of help transition to big feet and hands, whereas without that it's just small wrist huge paws. I'm not sure how to fix it though. His body shape is nice and idk if you can add just to the arms. Hmm.    
I guess there's always the option of making a sculpt of a lower arm and leg to help that transition maybe.


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Jul 10 10 10:30 PM

I think it's because most pawed things tend to have digitigrade legs. I could narrow the toes to face one direction, but it would take away from a paw-like appearance... I can experiment more. The hands are the same as the glove hands- it just lacks the white texture on them. Tails, without gloves, would look like that. Probably the biggest reason why it looks awkward is because he's just drawn that way. Granted, I am taking liberties... but, it's better than the official, toe-less mass his feet really are oO;

Also, I am working with some shading now. I just made him some goggles too :D
I'll take pics as soon as I can.

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#8 [url]

Jul 11 10 8:30 PM

augh! Why would they not give him adorable paws? The toes must have been chopped off. I remember seeing  an archive of sonic comics, one of which was a baby version, and tail's feet were very human with toes and all... and sonic's shoe laces were untied...

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#9 [url]

Jul 13 10 11:33 PM

That's the offical Sega artwork.
Melangetic, that's Archie comics. Both are... kind of their own stories.
I will work on the feet though, They're too wide and round. I'll try and make them more narrow and a little longer, so they'll match the shoes a bit more.

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Jul 14 10 10:50 AM

On the feet/hand transition remarks, I suggest blending the wrists/ankles into the forearm more. Possibly even use a sculpted bit on the forearm, close to the wrist to help with transition, similar to what Empa said.

Though i did mention that in person already.. > _ > Maybe repetition will help the think tank here!

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#11 [url]

Jul 14 10 1:23 PM

Kinda unrelated to the av but holy crap, Sonic Team gave Tails [and presumably everyone else] weird fuckin' feet.

Anyway, I can't wait to see updates to this av if there are any :)   


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Jul 21 10 10:56 AM

Blending... that wouldn't work, since if I made anything like that it would just poke out when the wrist bends.
Forearms and legs wouldn't work, since there would still be some joint issues, and I'd have to line things up right so they wouldn't break.

I mean.. it's a good idea, I'd do it if it was something else. Applying some of those aspects to this sort of character isn't needed. If this wasn't based on a preexisting character, I would make forearms and legs to make it blend more, but I don't see the point when I'd have to use alphas or invisiprims to work around the already thin arm- then to make it fit the elbow without popping out, then before I know it, I'd have to make the whole thing sculpted.

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