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Jul 15 10 9:01 AM

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Stacie is based off a kemono character called collon.

All sculpts were made by me

the tail is a FoxyFlex(c) Tail that was made and purchased from Beatfox Zenith (Beatworks)

"Clothed because all of you are perverted little bastards."

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One Time, at Rabbit Camp, I Stuck a Carrot up my Gas Pipe.

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Jul 15 10 6:43 PM

The tail, imho, doesn't really flow as well as the rest of the avatar. I know you didn't make the tail, it just doesn't suit her well. Her prims are smooth and the tail is kinda blocky.
I love her expresion and eyes though. I also think the gradient on the legs and arms is a really good looking transition. Other than the tail she looks really great, I don't think she needs any changes or anything.


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#2 [url]

Jul 16 10 11:25 AM

Yeah, like empa said, that tail sticks out pretty badly. There's an established norm for tails nowadays, and I don't see that method changing at least until sculpted flexiprims go public.

Like all your builds, she's got character. If I were to crit, I'd say those knees need work. it's possible to blend hind legs into the legs, I'd even suggest you keep the mesh knee intact and focus on placing the hind leg a few "inches" below it. That way the joint movement/placement would remain smooth.

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