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Aug 6 10 9:44 PM

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the purpose of this journal entry is to ensure that those who have misrepresented information about peach fuzz will no longer be capable of doing so. It is also being written so that cindy babii on secondlife, and her related crew, will no longer be capable of misrepresenting information about herself, as such has been the case for some time, and affects others outside of herself.

This journal post was written only after personally asking max black rabbit for his opinions, feedback, and I guess in a way his "permission" to speak up for ourselves. The contents of this post were given to him for review before being made public. In other words, yes he knows we are doing this because as usual, I asked beforehand. Not during or after :)
It's not that i need permission from anybody to say what i gotta say, but i felt it was more polite as a friend to talk and share and find out what Max thought, especially since this journal will explain points of view and note experience not just of my own, but of max's, DC rabbits, and Jim Hardimans, as well as my partner Opius, who wrote this together with me.

For some time now, we. Peach Fuzz, have sat and focused hard on our work, while hearing of the gossip that others have spread around.  This includes many of the misrepresentations that Cindy Babii has been voicing, both about us, and about herself as well.  One of the reasons we had not spoken up until now about some of the rumors- spread by general greifers- is piece of advice max had given to me as a friend about "letting our work speak for itself".  But after having a recent sit down with max to talk about some of the issues we had been faced with, he agreed that its about time to finally just speak up.

Now where to begin?  I suppose at the beginning..
Once upon a time I came across a small building called "ZZ studios" in secondlife. I was pleased, I thought it was neat that there was such a place.  I looked around and saw someone named Cindy Babii, and found that this place had been there for about 4 months.

I thought max would never come onto SL. And then i find out.. oh.. he didn't... This wasn't his place after all, someone else made it.

So I approach this Cindy person and she immediately has a fit and an attitude when I ask, yelling at me that they have max's express permission and so on. As if on PMS, or generally very touchy about the subject even anyone event hinted at it.
I'm sure she assumed i was just some random fur who didn't know any better.  I simply left it alone, because there are numerous zigzag impersonators out there, its not worth the time.  however soon later on i noticed this cindy person began selling products using max's name.
Creating a product such as a clothing article, or attachable genitals, and attaching a popular artists name to it, in order to ensure that it sells is no different than if someone made a backpack and began selling them, but put a logo on each of them saying "officially endorsed by pepsi" to help them sell it. (without contacting Pepsi for permission of course).

It was at that point I decided I should let max know whats going on.
So I picked up the phone, and gave him a call. I found out from him that he did not know this place existed at all. So with the help of DC rabbit, (as in looking over DC rabbits shoulder, while DC got on her own secondlife account)  max was able to get onto secondlife and approach these people to ask what exactly is this all about.

So to be clear, Cindy Babii has claimed that she/he has had Max's permission from the start, which is not true.   "we are very closely tied with fur after dark"..... "i am in constant direct contact with max and he gave us his explicit permission". These are all things said before max even knew about the existence of the ZZ place on SL.
Things that were said AFTERWARDS would be "Max saw the very first studio with DC Rabbit and loved it...  I can happily say I've been told my avie is the closest to Zig Zag the artists have seen".

There have also been images from that were altered for displaying purposes at this establishment, as well as images from Jim Hardiman's pay portfolios. It was DC rabbit who let max know about that specifically.
the artwork from Jim Hardiman was accompanied by an open casting call for plans to make more slide-shows that they call "videos" with people playing the characters from Jims artwork, claiming that he gave permission to do so beforehand.  Which was as follows:

The ZZ Studios Skunkworks Cast Openings              Update 1-14-09

( 2 more actors )
Polecat Merryman

( 2 actors needed )
DanteHusky Writer

( 2 actors needed )
Darkefur Fraker

( 3 actors needed )

( 2 actors needed )

( no rush for him, just need one human to play him )

(animators jods are to creat the animation pose for the shoot)
Zauth Arida

(writers you make up the stories and be creative)
Zauth Arida


Props and Builders:
(builders get one of the hardest jobs, you creat the stage and the props)
Zauth Arida

Make up artist:
( the make up artist mite be the hardest. you creat the hair, clothes and skin unless thay already created)
Shannon Lean

I called Jim on the phone and emailed a couple times, we spoke about it, and like Max, he was completely unaware, and asked that I tell these people to take the images down and make them aware that he does not approve.

The images were taken down from ZZ studios, and they mysteriously "canceled" the skunkworks project due to "not being able to organize the actors"... or "get writers" or....."  ..I've heard 5 different reasons from 5 different people who came to me volunteering information. Only after some word got out of the truth involving me contacting jim, did the reason start turning into "oh we canceled the project because we were trying to get in contact with jim to get his permission and he wouldn't return our emails".

Jim had said to me that he had not received any emails, no one asked him anything.

Max has been trying to get figures from Cindy to find out how much money they actually make using his name.  according to Max and DC the response is always "barely anything".  DC, max, and I myself all agree that max has been given the runaround constantly from these people. I think this is silly, and rather unfair to the artists involved.

DC rabbit was banned from this fake ZZ studios place, for asking questions. In fact people coming to me volunteering information, have told me that the policy over there is apparently to ban anyone on site that has anything to do with Peach Fuzz.  This apparently includes anyone who is a member of the WKRP and Xanadu club- The group made for fans who follow our news and announcements. Said members have come to me to let me know they were banned, which is downright childish. But I'm not the least bit surprised.
In Max' own words, "as if Cindy's not making herself look suspicious enough, this only makes it worse".  I have to agree that its just uncalled for and unnecessary.

Atop this, according to Cindy, we at Peach Fuzz apparently grief their establishment often.  Which is silly and baseless accusation, Opius and i have been far too busy with our project to even give this Cindy person the time of day.  We don't spread rumors and gossip, we keep to ourselves. Period. As we try to rush  and get our work done, people keep coming to us and telling us these strange silly stories. It's distracting.

Which finally brings us to why we are making this post in the first place, we are fed up and need people to know whats really going on so we can stop hearing about it and get on with our work in peace.

I've had people come to me telling me that I'm a liar and Cindy asked max's permission from the start and that i never asked max for anything and we made the Zig Zag avatar without any consent and stole Cindy's ideas and yadda yadda yadda. it gets frustrating trying to keep to your work and keep your yipyap shut.

so here, to prevent anyone from going around telling people we are "underhanded thieves" or something:

I, Max Blackrabbit have given Ganador (Flashdust) permission to create the "official" Second Life Zig Zag Avatar for exclusive use in his series of adult films. (Under the heading "Peach Fuzz")

If questions arise, he has passed this by me *before* and *during* the creation process, letting me know what his intentions are for the Zig Zag AV.

this is written by max word for word, no i did not fabricate it, and yes it does get kind of annoying when people accuse me of such. :)

Now to directly reference some of the rumors and clear them up..
First one on the list, I've heard people convinced that in order to apply for peach fuzz, you have to pay a 400 dollar fee. This is incorrect there IS no "fee" to join peach fuzz.
All you need in order to be eligible to APPLY for peach fuzz is a custom avatar, doesn't matter who made it. as long as you are the only one, and it cannot be bought in whole or in part at any vendor.

Another one we have heard which is related to the aforementioned one, is that people are not allowed to join peach fuzz unless they commission us to make a custom avatar for them.  this is NOT true either!
let me get something straight here for everyone, we did not make all the avatars that you see in any of our videos thus far. some of them are made by other artists. when we first began, most of the avs seen were made by us, but later others came with their own contributions, that were created having nothing to do with us. even avatars that existed before the idea of peach fuzz was ever thought up.

another one I've heard is that people are required to have sex with me as part of their interview.  people have actually come, thinking this and prepared to do so. That's good because THIS IS TRUE! >:(
lol NO, seriously, this is not true at all. An interview with opius and I has NOTHING to do with sex, as ironic as that sounds since your applying for porn generally.  An application and interview involves meeting our secretary to verify your avatars origin, and then once she approves, being brought to Opius and i so we can both look over the applicant to decide if we like the look, and speak to the person to feel each other out as to... whether we... fit.... together.... GOD DAMMIT

Another rumor we have heard is that for anyone who does in fact get accepted into peach fuzz, their avatar is now our property, as is their character.  And they are not allowed to wear the avatar anymore, anywhere they go. Only during filming time.  And they are not allowed to use their avatar for sex or their personal activities with friends.  ALL of this is incorrect.  Our policy is a form of anti-competition. which means if someone is accepted into peach fuzz, the avatar you applied with can no longer be used to advertise other businesses.  For example appearing in magazines from other names, or in videos by other people and so on.  This is no different than if you were hired as a model for Pepsi, and appear on Pepsi billboards and commercials.. they don't want you to appear on any Coke or Dr. Pepper billboards.  But people are still able to enjoy their avatar outside of that, we only ask that they wear their peach fuzz tag over their head, unless of course they need to switch to another tag for their current areas building perms and so on. There are always exceptions.

Another rumor concerns Xanadu, the club we created on secondlife. There's actually multiple rumors about this, and all of them seem to stem from someone named REcoyote.
People kept nagging us for some sort of public establishment, since all we had were vendors, and our filming studio was in a hidden private sim location so no one could see our avatars or films as they are being made.  So we created Xanadu as a sort of public office.  It was a joint effort, Izome, Opius, and myself, toiling over making the actual building, after having contacted CBS to gain the original floor plan from the 1980 film to work off of. Almost immediately after announcing out intentions on FA, this REcoyote person purchased some human made (non fur made)  cheap version of the pan pacific auditorium, and rezzed it somewhere, and then had the nerve to post a landmark link to it as a shout on my FA, in hopes of getting accidental hits.  the NERVE.  I deleted that shout, and later we opened our club to the public. This REcoyote person was a common visitor, and was very quiet. So Opius and I got the feeling they were looking around for ideas to theif from our place. Which was confirmed when we caught him at a skybox nearby one of our first studios, rebuilding the human made structure to be more prim efficient, using sculpts in the same technique we originally built ours to be.
Then later someone discovers an article on a secondlife news website, the same site where Cindy spouted her "misrepresentations".
In this article REcoyote claims they built their place first and HELPED US BUILD OURS.  
I gotta say it again.. THE NERRRRRVE.  
Soon as the news website received a complaint from us it was taken down and then altered again, with more BS, saying "The original Xanadu club died out because they didn't advertise".

Seriously.. I'm gonna give those guys SUCH a pinch! <3

Lemmie clear this up, Rita Mariner, the WONDERFUL rabbit who I've known for some time now, who was nice enough to host our very first secret film studio, was having financial issues and had to sacrifice sims to avoid financial problems. One of which was the place where Xanadu was kept.
So Opius and i took Xanadu into our pockets for now, to re-open it later when we find a new sim.  but for now we aren't focusing any attention on that, or new avs.  all of our attention is on the first peach fuzz film.  that's why there's no Xanadu, no WKRP, no new avatars, no new music videos. nothing, not until we get this movie out the door, then we will give attention to other stuff.
.......THE NERVE

One more rumor that we have heard now and then, has only ever been spoken outwardly by people in the fake ZZ studios group. And that is "Peach Fuzz stole their idea from Cindy".
now this can DEFINITELY be considered true, depending on how you look at it. I'll do my best to explain..  you see after contacting Max to make him aware someone was using his name to sell their product, and then allowing him to handle it, I later came back to the fake ZZ place to make sure the Jim Hardiman images were taken down as he asked me to do.  While there, I saw something that I liked: MOVIES!  There was a vendor saying it had films in it. Using the actual term "movie". keep that in mind. I purchased one for 200L$ (linden dollars), and was very interested and pleased.  Until i opened the contents, and discovered it was not a movie at all, just screen shots of sexual scenes.  I assumed maybe they were preview images and i was simply clicking the wrong button. So I went back there to ask someone for assistance and found someone who was apparently a "manager". They explained to me that it is indeed just images, I then asked "why is it called a movie then i dont understand".   And the response was given in these exact words:  "it's called a movie because of the way it was produced".

I was expecting a lame response but... damn >:/

My reply was simply to ask "Isn't that kinda like false advertisement though?", and the exact response i got back was:  "if you don't like it, go do better".

And so two weeks later... peach fuzz first trailer was released to the public.  It was during those two weeks that I sat with a few friends, and we made some avatars, and made our trailer.  It was also during that time that i sat down with Max, in person, on the phone, and through email, to make sure I had his permission to include a custom made Zig Zag avatar.  I knew that he was kind of jaded to the idea due to having just recently dealt with Cindy, but I asked anyhow to see if he would like participating in this idea.
Now, I've worked as an adult film actor in real life for years, and Opius and I both have a knack for porn like many artists on FA. Atop this, Cindy does not make movies, only one I've ever witnessed was some awful collage of shots using the soundtrack from an old Spanish porn movie.(keep in mind when i say "awful", that's my opinion, not fact)  which she claimed later was not her doing, and then claimed on a secondlife news article that they have made actual movies. (i don't know WHAT the deal is, but according to DC rabbit, Cindy said quite a few things in that article that were not at all true). who knows, maybe by now there's actual movies. I wouldn't know, I haven been around Cindy's place for some time.

So you see, its not really true that we stole our idea from Cindy, but at the same time it is.  Cindy in no way influences the work we do, but the bad shenanigans of that place did inspire us to come up with our idea, because if not for a manager at the fake ZZ place telling me to "do better or stfu", then peach fuzz would never have existed.
And if your father never hit me with his car we never would have fallen in love and i never would have taken you to that dance and we never would have kissed and we never would have had 3 kids and moved in next door to a creepy old man who ruins perfectly good supercars.

Last but not least, the latest rumor that we hear going around is that Peach Fuzz simply died out.  That we had a great idea for a project and it was too hard for us so we gave up.  Again, completely untrue, much to the dissapointment of certain rumor spreaders.  Where does this stem from?  Opius and I sat alone together a couple of months back, and had a talk.  Pointing out that we have had too many distractions, side projects, keeping us from making any real progress on the original idea, the porn films themselves.  We made avatars, opened a club, held koopa party's and so on.  So we have no made effort to find a new home for the xanadu club, and will not do so until the film is complete.  We are not paying any attention to new vendor avatar creation, or holding events.  Only our non-developement staff have been participating in minor things here and there.  But the actual developers, mostly Opius and I, spend our secondlife time working on the film.   And so, a couple of people have been asking why we seem to be not publically active as we were before this decision.  When they ask us, we explain.  Though I am sure certain rumor spreadors have been using the opportunity to try and convince people that "Peach Fuzz is dead and gone"  or "canceled" or anything similar.  So again I say, e are alive and kicking, and making fantastic progress on the film, I'm wrangling the voice actors again, we have fantastic new features technology wise, trying to prove Secondlife can do more than people think, as usual, and this is going to be the largest video we have ever made.  So yeah, we're quiet, we're busier than ever.  But we're here ;)

In the end i will say this, do not believe everything you hear on the grapevine.. if you want to know something about peach fuzz, speak to our secretary. or Opius and I directly.  Not a friend of a friend who knows somebody. Or someone who says they are close with me.  Or someone who says they saw or heard something.

And not one of the peach fuzz actors and actresses either.  They're part of the team, but even they do not know all there is to know about peach fuzz. They only know what they need to know to do their job

And to clarify, no, Max Blackrabbit does NOT receive a penny from the establishment on secondlife that calls themselves ZZ studios.  Some people have been telling me they heard otherwise, and i had to correct them.  I believe he should, but i don't know the policies of that place, only our own buisness policies here at PF.

Keep in mind that time is not a factor in listing any events on this huge silly mess.  For one example, hearing something like:  "Perri's Xanadu is no longer open for buisness"  does not matter to us.  It has no effect on the fact that certain things were said and done.

Oh believe it or not folks, we got more stuff up and cumming...

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#3 [url]

Aug 6 10 11:15 PM

Hot damn, that's alot of shit to deal with. :/ I feel bad that I believed Cindy and helped her start that in the first place. My name is on that group and everything, ugh. So glad I quit though. xD

Good to see that things are still going strong! :D Wooohooo!

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#4 [url]

Aug 6 10 11:17 PM

keep in mind though this isnt for starting a bashing session. for anyone.  that includes cindy, dispite negative things about said person being mentioned in the journal post. thats where it ends.  but i always was greatful for your support and i still wear your tshirts :)

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#5 [url]

Aug 7 10 12:04 AM

*fishes out her proto sheild and puts on her visor* I was wondering when I was going to have to dust off the Admin stuffs...

Come flamers.. Come for your rena-beats.

That being said, this is nothing I did not already know through chanells and such... It' funny how people will do what they can to take advantage of others hard work. Reminds me of this girl on Youtube, that is posting up other peoples playthrough s of gases as her own... It's like wow..

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#6 [url]

Aug 7 10 1:44 AM

I think I remember something like this happening to me several years ago.  Some nutjob had five different "" stores located throughout the game and I was alerted to it.  Some fans eventually got the stores shut down, and I was mighty glad; not being one to play online games myself, I had no way to interact with the guilty party.

Thanks for calling this out, man.  I wish folks wouldn't lie about stuff like this.  Most of the time, it's easier to just ask the artist themselves.  And what's the worst that would happen?  The artist might say "no".

Of course, if the person decides to go ahead anyway, and the artist has to hire a hitman, well...  ;)

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Posts: 104

#7 [url]

Aug 7 10 1:45 AM

if the person decides to go ahead anyway, and the artist has to hire a hitman, well...  ;)


Ha. Ha.

One Time, at Rabbit Camp, I Stuck a Carrot up my Gas Pipe.

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#9 [url]

Aug 7 10 7:56 AM

As one of the "non-developement staff" (meaning Monday Night DJ), want to THANK you guys for clearing the air in as straitforward a way as possible.

You know... reading those screen-capped articles, I'm sorry to see they were written as they were; with no investigative followthrough. Would have been VERY interesting if they had been.

In any event, THANK YOU to the staff and managers of PF / Xanandu....

Now let's take the Last Train to London, travel All Over the World, Listen to some Pop Muzik and remind everyone, "I'M ALIVE!"

--ShujinTribble Kawanishi (SL)

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#10 [url]

Aug 7 10 8:05 AM

I remember finding REcyote's shit hovering above our stuff! It's like he left it there to make it look like he was helping us. I told Opie and he was all "whaaaat is this?" and then he made the club.

I've been there- it's a MALL club, so he did it to try and make money! UNGH.
I hate people, I hate everyone. HATE.

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#11 [url]

Aug 7 10 10:06 AM

Has Max had any way of publicly announcing that ZZ studios doesn't have his permission? I can see it causing a lot of people to freak out, but hey, it's his character they are profiting off of. They should be original(lol) and just make a character of their own for these magazines(and I lol again)

I really REALLY hate how sl business owners seem to like to treat people who have an interest in their products or avs. People who down their fans, and then make absolute SHIT as a way to "get back at them for begging me to make things" It's hard to find a popular SL business that doesnt have someone on top who will throw temper tantrums because they can. It really makes me hate the whole business itself.

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#13 [url]

Aug 7 10 1:10 PM

I've been in PF since the beginning. So far, I've not had any trouble with Flash for being a member or for being part of the group; there is one small thing I've wanted to talk to him about, but I've decided it's nothing worth bothering him over for now.

I've also noticed that ZZ studios has been around for a long time, and probably made a lot of money in SL since it started. Furries love porn, and as simple as it was, ZZ Studios gave them that if nothing else. The fact that they're trying to hide it is pretty lame.

I'd also like to comment that i've known RECoyote for a long time and to find out these things about him kinda pisses me off. I think he had his club up first, actually, but I had no idea he was doing all this other stuff, trying to cause trouble. I'm going to have a talk with him about it, as he'd always struck me as a reasonable and friendly person before now. I'm even in one of his groups to his private movie viewing place.

Lastly, a suggestion. If Flash could get something signed and post an image of it, or get something more concrete to show Max's support, it would triple his defense of his actions and statements. A line copy/pasted from an IM can't really show that someone truly wrote it, and will only vause more speculation and trouble. Since Max doesn't really want to get too involved directly with this, it might be best to not give people some reason to start trying to contact him over it.

The Heart's Courage is the Soul's Guardian.

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#14 [url]

Aug 7 10 8:23 PM

That last part i've thought about myself. Even the entire email screen-capped wouldn't be enough to make most folks believe.

it shouldn't be TOO hard to get something like a signiature written out, but at this point annoying Max with any more of this tomfoolery seems like it's pushing it. Maybe in a while, but it's not.. imperitive, unless a lotta people really wanna challenge it xx

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#15 [url]

Aug 7 10 8:37 PM

There's one thing Max can do about the SL issues with ZZstudios on there. If he submits a report to a linden with the proof you have and the proof he never gave permission to them. Linden can look into how much the group has made as well can help Max take them to court over it, if he so wishes. Because what they have done is against the ToS of Secondlife and against the law and he's able to take them to court so he choose. Also a signed scanned paper form him would help you out as well.

Flash - gonna send you a note on FA to talk more. Once I remind ya who I am. ;p Hope this crap gets worked out soon for you!

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#16 [url]

Aug 7 10 8:50 PM

oh i remember you quite well hazelle *hugs!*  :D

and max will be posting a reply himself. which is more than enough to prevent people from claiming im making up stories. jim has already done so.

he is away but should be back and able to see this stuff by middle of next week. thats what gnaw said :)

and he doesnt wanna have to take anyone to court. its my personal opinion that he just wants to be left alone to do his thing, make money and live.  not have to participate in any sillyness. thats why i asked if i could speak up instead then. since its affecting us too

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#19 [url]

Aug 8 10 6:19 PM

nothing needing deleting here, theres no spamming, lies or immature ranting.
but there is also nothing in this email that conflicts with anything i have said.  i was already aware of exactly what max had sent to cindy. so i dont see what exactly it is that you are trying to prove. but please by all means explain.

keep in mind that ive made it clear to people that cindy did not have permission from the begining.  something even in this email you showed, max made a point to say with quoting symbols that i asked ~before~, not during or after.

im not sure if this "mrs foamy" is cindy using another screen name to hide with, but if it is, no need to hide.  be yourself, and speak plain english.

i am fully aware that cindy claimed to have permission from the start, when he/she/it did not.
and only after being contacted by max did this email occur. it was after this email that cindys wording changed from "i had permission from the start" to "you see? i have his permission".

there is no fighting between cindy and i. there never has been. the last contact i had with this person was being scolded saying "i have his permission we are in very close contact" and so on. that was over 2 years ago.

maybe alot of drama has been going on at cindy's end, but in the meantime, opius and i just spend our time working and keeping to ourselves.

and i do hope that you asked max before publically displaying a personal correspondence of his.  i know he is currently at a con, so hopefully you asked before he left. otherwise it would be considered rude and invasive.

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#20 [url]

Aug 8 10 8:32 PM

Why would this get deleted? If anything, it proves our point. There's a few things in here that are damming.. Especially that line that says "making stuff in my name would be really appreciated."

I'm sorry if you came here with some kind of misunderstanding, or some half baked idea that you'd expose anything, but.. you kind of just shot yourself in the foot.

ZZ studios started without permission. Got caught, then slapped on the wrist. This email proves that, contextually.

So let me ask then. Was he kept in the know after this? All the posters, sim moves, growth and production, did they really tell him what was going on step by step?

Did ZZ studios really play nice and keep the fighting to a minimum? What about when folks started getting banned from Cindy's club. All the rumors perpetrated, name calling, and pointless aggression toward our staff DIDN'T come from ZZ studios?

This is childish. And this post proves it. Again.

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