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Dec 9 10 8:19 AM

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i just had my berfday!  oh my god im old! *shrivels into skeleton* >:(

recently opi and i have been slaving away on our video work.  and have some fun surprises for everyone coming up soon.  i was hoping to be done with said susprises before xmas.  maybe that can still happen.
gonna try our best.  if not, after holidays.  dont forget that thanksgiving, berfday, xmas, and new years, all combined, can be kinda crazy.

not to mention ive been playing phoenix wright on cc's behalf lately.  im pooped x.x

but let me also take a moment to remind people its almost time for our annual koopa party.
the ORIGINAL koopa party ;)
we will be anouncing that date very soon.

time to knock everyones socks off...  again <3

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Dec 16 10 9:12 AM

Happeh late b-day ;P Hope to get mah boots knocked off ;3 Keep workin hard ;P

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