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Aug 27 11 10:07 AM

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Last thursday i was finally able to make it to the club.  and the party was a bit bigger than usual.  40 plus people.  to which im greatful that shujin upgraded the stream, thank goodness.
for once people stopped being too shy to ask for my animations.  hopefully next week will be even better.
i definitely intend on making the next show.  monday is a maybe. but next thursday for sure.

i wanted to find out if anyone had ideas for events they would like to see.
we once rules out tail sales, but who knows.  im open minded to anything that people consider fun :)

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Sep 2 11 6:16 AM

And I, for one, had a HELL of a time! (*SMILES*) Glad you could make it.... and for the rest of you PF Folks, LOVE to have you down in Second Life, OR Just listening in from outside / commenting and making song requests!

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