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Dec 28 11 4:14 PM

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We are excited to anounce a newest DJ having her first big event at our club, as she joins the team at Xanadu and contributes more of the all but forgotten fantastic magic we have been reviving.

our new location for Xanadu is much bigger and better than our last, at Pixel Hills.

and Bitch Kittens big show will be on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012, at 9pm eastern time.
In secondlife time that would be 6pm of course ;)

Looking forward to seeing you all there! and for those who attend, I will be there with another big anouncement ready for FA and our main website ;)

Anyone needing a landmark to the club, simply send an IM in secondlife to flashdust lamington, opius oddfellow, Damian Avril, or ShujinTribble Kawanishi

See you at the party!

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Dec 28 11 4:30 PM

XD I love the poster! I got it hanging at my place on sl sugah! Oh yes this is the Bitch KItten ~.^ I cant wait to  start spinning for yall  and get my groove on! Ill be there to get some tails shakin and maybe a lil love making!! ~.^ *blows the crew a kiss*

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