Apr 24 12 2:05 PM

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The purpose of this post, is to put an end to the harassment of one of my recent customers, who has come to me and made me aware of it today.

An artist is attempting to claim credit for the avatar that this customer comissioned us to build.
I was contacted by the artist of one of the reference images that the customer showed me.
Here is that contact as follows (note that the pink highlights are my responses, and they are numbered for chronology:

After this took place, she had this shorter conversation with the customer:

This artist began with threats, and before hearing my first response, made a journal to vent publicly, but I feel she also did it to "test the waters" and see if "mob tactics" would garner a successful response, before posting a more detailed journal.  This did not bother me, though I admit finding it annoying that she was so polite to the customer, after first coming to me to vent her threats and rudeness.
But now, even though the artist in question did not "name names", my customer is apparently being harassed, and came to me with words such as:

"could we do something about the stripes - maybe add a bit of dark coloration or something since I'm getting a lot of flack on SL.
I'm totally not comfortable with wearing this avatar anymore no matter the amount I paid for it."

Multiple people are contacting this customer, and attacking.
I tried to remain silent despite the immature actions of the artist whom I feel has no rights here, but now that it has resulting in harassment, I am forced to speak up.  I don't have much to say other than what is already said in my conversation with this artist.  If you care or want to have an opinion, please be sure to read the entire thing in detail, or you may end up with an uneducated opinion.
But the bottom line is, do not harass this customer.  This entry should clarify as to why it is undeserved.

For the artist in question who made the journal post, and then stated "I'm not naming names and please do not contact or harass the people in question" to cover her fanny, she knows better, and so does everyone - Of course it would lead to people contacting and harassing.

I have removed any names and links, and absolutely anything that can officially lead to anyone in question other than my own name. Including removing the signature of the artist from their image and re-uploading it to a server that does not lead to them.  Exactly as they did with my own art. :)

This person has also edited their "mob tactics" journal a bit before in order to look less silly.
If it occurs again, I will be posting images of all 3 journals.  Preventing this person from hiding or changing their story.
I will post a link to this current entry as a small response on the artists journal, and
should they decide to remove said comment, I will pause my current work at peach fuzz, to make a specific video dedicated to getting the whole story out on this event.
The peach fuzz medley video, our latest film, only exists because the owner of "yiffthis.com" stated that they "would like to see peach fuzz meet the bar I have raised quality wise".
And peach fuzz itself, only exists because a 7 foot toothpick with watermelons on its chest, who managed a place called "zz studios" on secondlife, told me "if you don't like it, then go do better".
In other words:  Don't try me.  it will happen.

This, of course, all sounds like I am becoming more personal about this. But that is because I have been polite from the start and am starting to have enough.  It definitely struck a chord and offended me much more personally, when one of my customers, felt they were being stoned and had to run and hide.

This is all childish and unnecessary.  And let me close by making the following two statements:
1. This is enough of a grey area, that attitude is a heavily deciding factor.  And If this artist approached me courteously, I would have given them exactly what they wanted. (links not removal)
2. This avatar, made for this girl, is her own character.  And no one, including this artist, has any rights what so ever to claim credit in any way.   Period.